Have a hot item? The social share feature can be used to get more eyes on your ad. Shared ads get more exposure because they are shared over our social channels, including the Bottle-Spot Twitter profile and the Bottle-Spot Facebook page.

Sharing over our social profiles will get your listing in front of tens of thousands of collectors. This increased exposure often leads to more views and responses on your listing. Perfect for developing interest in auctions!

You have the option of upgrading to a Shared Listing when first creating a listing, or any time while the listing is still active. If you upgrade a regular listing to a Shared Listing, that listing's expiration date will update so you enjoy the full time with the Shared Listing upgrade applied. 

All Shared Listings are shared on our social profiles within 24 hours of being upgraded.

As with all of our listing upgrades, you are always protected by our listing guarantee.

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